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11am – 11pm 7 days


By clicking the link above you can order GrubHub as you always do but your order will be commission free for Le Cheile. We thank you for taking the time to do this for us. Stay safe!


About Le Chéile NYC

“Le Chéile.” (pronounced – “leh kay-lah”). It’s a Gaelic phrase that has no English language equivalent, but the feeling is universal. Literally it means “together”. We like that. In this way, Le Chéile NYC – set against stunning views of the George Washington Bridge, nestled off the hillside green banks of the Hudson River — offers you the simplest values of its meaning. A place to meet friends and neighbours, eat excellent, freshly prepared food, drink merrily from our choice of twelve beers on tap, fine selection of wines and wide assembly of spirits. You can also delight at our daily specials, enjoy coffee made right every time and relax, in our unhurried atmosphere. But with everything we do and with whatever Le Chéile NYC is, we know that we’re simply next in a long, glorious line of those who were here before us. Our corner has been a crossing — a trading post – for the people of this vibrant community, generation after generation. Whoever you may be. Come eat, come drink, come gather, come talk, hang your art, play your music, do your business, or enjoy your family, but most importantly, come as you are. Le Chéile!